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Having grown up in coastal California, I studied Ornamental Horticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and learned over 600 Mediterranean climate plants. Little did I know that upon graduating I would take a Landscape Designer job in the high Sierra town of Tahoe City, CA. and all those Mediterranean plants were deemed useless. So I continued to learn. And I endured 24 long years in that deep snow that sat on the ground from December till May. Until one day it was decided that we (hubby, sons, and I) would relocate to a kinder, gentler climate; Sisters, Oregon! Discovering that the growing season is a tad longer on either end of the calendar and that there is actually soil in Central Oregon, I set out to try my hand at vegetable gardening. Once again I am on a learning curve that continues to fascinate me with the challenges of growing the perfect onion, the tastiest tomato, the freshest lettuce. I hope you enjoy following along with my adventures.


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