Pea Tips

IMG_1906.JPG 2015-1-31-17:18:30

I bet you think this is a post on how to grow those fabulous, prolific snow peas. WRONG. This is literally about Pea Tips - the tender, edible terminal tip of the pea vine. I never considered eating the tips of my plants until I read a recipe from In case you haven't experienced Blue Apron, they are a company out of the San Francisco bay area that ships prepackaged, premeasured fresh ingredients along with a recipe for creating a scrumptious dinner - no measuring, no shopping. Upon opening the box and inspecting the contents, I foolishly assumed the package of greens was spinach. Imagine my disbelief when I learned that they were Pea Tips, and even more unbelievalbe was the fact that I was going to eat them! So if you have "extra" shoots on your pea vines consider snipping and sauteing them. I'll share the recipe if anyone is interested.


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