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Greenhouse guidelines

Our greenhouse is a special place! It can be used year round, but like all special places, it needs special care. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines so we can all enjoy a place to start and grow our food. 


The greenhouse is for the use of current members of Sisters Community Garden.


  • All gardeners may use the worktables and shelving in the greenhouse.

  • The area along the East wall is for potted plants.

  • The raised beds are assigned to individual gardeners.

  • There is a $10.00 fee for an assigned raised beds.


All containers (pots and trays) in the greenhouse must be labeled with the gardener's name and cotact information.


The primary purpose of the greenhouse is for starting plants and growing cold-sensitive plants.


Large plants, like squash, cucumbers, corn and climbing plants such as indeterminate tomatoes may be started in the greenhouse, but must be moved outside once they are established.


Plants should be no higher than eye height, about 5 feet maximum.


No pepper plants are allowed, as they attract aphids.


Any plants showing signs of disease or insects must be removed immediately.


Gardeners using the greenhouse are responsible for watering their plants and keeping them from encroaching on walkways and plants of other gardeners.

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