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2023 Garden Guidelines & Rules

Individual plots are available to gardeners who grow vegetables and who are committed to participate in 2 work parties for the upkeep and maintenance of the Garden. 

  1. Community plots, maintained by Garden Stewards,  are open to all gardeners who desire to work in the garden and participate in work sessions.  Consider being a Steward each year. 

  2. Every gardener is responsible to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the entire garden.  Every gardener is required to work 8 hours by participating in 2 work parties each season.  If unable to attend scheduled work parties, it is the gardener's responsibility to contact the Garden Manager to make alternative arrangements.  

  3. Individual Plots will be assigned every year in mid-March. First priority is given to previous gardeners who have fulfilled their obligations by helping in the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the entire garden.

  4. Each gardener is also responsible for weeding and maintaining the area surrounding his or her plot.

  5. All plots not kept weeded, watered and maintained shall be considered "neglected". The gardener will be given "notice of neglect", and if no changes are made, the plot will be returned to the Community Garden. This can happen anytime during the growing season with no refund of fees.

  6. Gardeners may harvest only from their own or communal plots.  Produce which is not harvested in a timely manner will be donated to local food banks, after an attempt to contact the gardener.  

  7. Don’t harvest produce from other gardeners’ plots without their permission.

  8. No pets are allowed in the garden at any time.

  9. Gardeners are responsible to dispose of their weeds and other garden waste by taking it home.  We have no waste disposal service.

  10. Children must be supervised when in the Garden. 


Neglected Plot Procedure


June 1 – Membership Coordinator will send notice to any gardener who has not cultivated or otherwise maintained his/her plot. The notice will include a copy of the Garden Rules and will advise that if the plot is not cultivated/maintained by June 10, the Garden will reassign the plot.


June 10 - Membership Coordinator will send notice to the gardener of the neglected plot reminding him/her of the Garden Rule regarding plot maintenance, and advising that if the plot is not cultivated/maintained by June 10th, the Garden will consider plot abandoned and reassign the plot to a new gardener, with no refund of the gardener’s annual fee.



Applications for the 2023 season

will open on February 1!  

To apply for  a raised garden plot for the 2023 growing season:

Forms available below.

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