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Vegetable Garden

2024 Garden Guidelines & Rules

Gardeners must apply for membership every year, and a Release of Liability form must be completed before the application is deemed complete. Forms can be found below. Individual plots are available to gardeners to grow vegetables and flowers and who are committed to participating in two work parties for the upkeep and maintenance of the Garden. Further information and fees are included in the documents below.

  1. Individual plots will be assigned by March 31. Priority is given to previous gardeners who have fulfilled garden obligations.

  2. Each gardener must cultivate and maintain their assigned plot during the growing season. See below for Neglected Plot Procedure. 

  3. Every current gardener is responsible for helping with the upkeep and maintenance of the entire garden area by participating in two work parties (or eight hours of work) throughout the year. If you are not able to help during a work party, you will be asked to accomplish specific tasks and report to the Garden Manager at least eight hours of work in maintaining the common areas. 

  4. Additionally, each gardener is responsible for weeding and maintaining the common areas near their plot. 

  5. Produce is only to be harvested from your own assigned plot. 

  6. Please supervise your children in the garden. 

  7.  No pets are allowed in the garden at any time. 

  8.  Gardeners are responsible for disposing of their trash and garden waste from the site. 

  9.  t the end of the growing season, dead plants and weeds are to be removed from plots by October 15. Beyond this date, gardeners may tend living plants. However, successful “shoulder season” gardening requires hand watering and utilizing methods of protecting plants from severe weather. 

  10. Neglected Plot Procedure:

  11. May 1 – Notice will be sent to any gardener who has not cultivated or otherwise maintained their plot. This notice, from the Membership Director, will be sent via the gardener’s preferred communication method, as specified in their application. The notice will include a copy of the Garden Rules and will advise that if the plot is not cultivated or maintained by May 15, the plot will be considered abandoned.

  12. If you need help with your garden plot, contact the Membership Coordinator. You will be connected with a mentor.

  13. May 15 – After the May 1 notice, unless prior arrangements have been made, any plot not cultivated or maintained by May 15 will be reassigned.

  14. August 15 (or as needed) - Notice will be sent to the gardener of any plot with unharvested produce, that unless the gardener disagrees, garden volunteers will harvest produce and donate it.                       

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